Keeping Your PC Cool

 We know that the human body can lose efficiency and can even be endangered if proper precautions are not taken to keep it from being overheated. The same is true for computers. Computers contain many parts that produce heat while operating. Much of this heat is moved out of the case by several fans, but sometimes things can go wrong, causing serious damage. In an article written by Tim Fisher for, eleven precautions are presented that you can take to keep your PC cool and safe. 

  1. Allow for Air Flow – Allow 2 – 3 inches open on either side. The back should be completely unobstructed.

  2. Run Your PC With the Case Closed – Dust and debris can blow in and clog fans if the case if open.

  3. Clean Your Computer Fans – Shut the computer off, open the case, and use canned air to clean inside.

  4. Move Your Computer – If the area is too hot or too dirty, you may have to choose another location. Unplug everything first, and use caution to prevent damage.

  5. Upgrade the CPU Fan – Factory-installed fans often cool just enough to keep your processor working properly. Larger CPU fans can provide much better cooling.

  6. Install a Case Fan (or Two) – Attached to either the inside front or back of the PC case, case fans increase air circulation from within by moving hot air out and cool air in.

  7. Stop Overclocking – this is the process of running a computer component at a specification higher than rated by the manufacturer. Implemented to increase computer performance without additional cost, it can void your warranty and reduce lifespan of the component.

  8. Replace the Power Supply – If the built-in power supply fan isn’t working, the entire power supply will need to be replaced.

  9. Install Component-Specific Fans – If a specific component (like your memory or a graphics card) is overheating, upgrade to a larger specific fan.

  10. Install a Water Cooling Kit – Although this sounds strange, the water is completely enclosed. A pump cycles cool water to the CPU. Heat is absorbed and the hot water is pumped out to where the heat can dissipate.

  11. Install a Phase Change Unit – This is like a “refrigerator for your computer” that can cool better than anything else. It is, however, very expensive! 

If you need help with keeping your computer cool, CCS is here to provide that help. We can be reached at 425-672-4806 or by email for questions or support.  (Or you can outfit is with a pair of Ray-Bans, aha!)

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