CP 7.5.18 – New Features – Point of Sale

CP 7.5.18 – New Features – Point of Sale

Here are the latest Point of Sale related features for CP 7.5.18.

1.  Sending receipts via e-mail (Windows only)

In this version of CounterPoint, when you complete a ticket in Ticket Entry, you now have the option of sending the receipt to the customer via e-mail.

To send a receipt via e-mail, simply select the new F4=E-mail option and enter the customer’s e-mail address.

NOTE: If the customer’s e-mail address is already on file, CounterPoint will use that address by default.

2.  Adding a customer e-mail address (On-the-Fly).

In this version, when you select a customer in Ticket Entry, you can now add an e-mail address to the customer record or edit the customer’s existing e-mail address On-the-Fly). This feature allows you to easily capture a customer’s e-mail address when you are entering a ticket.

In previous versions, CounterPoint allowed you to include full credit card numbers on settlement reports, including the SETTLEMENT EDIT LIST and the SETTLEMENT JOURNAL.In this version, to ensure compliance with PCI DSS requirements, CounterPoint no longer allows the inclusion of full card numbers on settlement reports. Card numbers that appear on settlement reports are always masked.

As a result, the Settlement Journal "card number method field" has been removed from "Setup/Point of Sale/Control".

If you would like to know more about updating your CounterPoint system and/or making changes to support these new features, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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