Failing backups

Having a good backup plan is essential, but what do you do when your backup fails? 

The majority of server backups are to magnetic tape.  There are several reasons that a tape backup may fail.  A common one, is simply a random error.  The backups go through with out a hitch, then one fails, and then they go through fine again.  If this happens, it can safely be assumed to be a random occurrence, and ignored.

If your backup fails frequently, the cause needs to be found.  This can be that a tape is wearing out, in which case the failures will be on the same day (or when the same tape is used).  If the failures are frequent, but do not correspond to particular tapes, then the tape drive is failing, and needs to be cleaned or in the worst case needs to be replaced.

For a complete treatment of tape backup problems contact CCS Retail Support.  We have helped hundreds of customers solve tape backup problems on their servers.

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