Battery backup revisited

Earlier, I wrote about the need for having a battery backup, usually referred to as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).  Everyone should consider using one of these on your workstations and servers.

One issue to check is that the UPS switches fast enough.  If you have an older UPS, and a newer computer, the switch time may not be fast enough to keep the computer running.  This means, that in a power outage, while the UPS will still switch and provide power to the computer, the slight time lag it takes for this to occur may cause the computer to go down, or reboot.

So, if you have one of the newer computers, you should check your UPS to make sure that it switches fast enough, or purchase a new one.  Your UPS documentation should contain the switching specifications. You may need to look at the Computer System Manufacturers website for UPS recommendations to be certain.

CCS caries a full line of UPS systems designed for current models of computers.  For help with your UPScontact CCS Retail Systems Sales.

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