Strange System noises?

You should know the sound that your system makes.  It should be rather quiet, with just the sound of the fans, and possibly a faint sound when the hard drive is working.

If your system starts making any unusual noises, you need to get it checked out immediately.  Hard drives will often start making a high pitched whine, or just be noisier when they are being accessed.  Fans may chatter, or just sound noisy.  Any change in the sound of your system, means that something is starting to fail. 

Getting the failing part repaired immediately, means that your down time is minimized, and your data can be saved.  If you allow the part to completely fail, neither of these may be the case.

CCS offers 24/7 problem reporting and 24/7 support by contract.  Contact us before your system fails to save your software and data.

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