Some more goods reasons for software training

Some more goods reasons for software training.

With the economy being what it is nowadays, some companies are trying to reduce their overhead by trimming their application software training costs. While this might seem like a good idea at first, most often it has the opposite effect. 

Examples of this are:

No training being provided for newly hired staff.

When no training is provided for newly hired staff, this usually results in extended orientation time, unnecessary mistakes that need to be corrected, irritated customers, frustrated employees, and poor employee retention. This scenario increases your support cost dramatically, rather than lowering it.  If a hired employee quits due to frustration, you have the added expense of trying to find a new one.

Lack of formalized training for existing staff.

Often, over time, existing staff become complacent, they start trying to take shortcuts to complete critical tasks.  This is especially true if you are upgrading from an older software version to a newer one.  Properly trained employees are both happier and more productive.

The above situations are true regardless of whether you do the training internally of pay professionals to do the work.

What’s the ROI (Return on investment) for the training?

Let’s say that you conservatively figure the following:

a.  The additional training of your retail sales staff will generate an additional $24,000/Year (or $2,000/Month) of combined sales increase and support cost savings.

b.  The training cost is $1,000, and you will finance it at a 10% interest rate…

This calculates to a whopping 2,087 percent return on investment for just one year! 

If you aren’t financing this, and the training/support cost savings benefit carried over through a second (or further) year the total ROI percent would be even greater! 

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