Free disk space

Many people do not keep good track of the amount of free disk space.  Free disk space is especially important on the system partition.  If the free space is low the performance of your computer can take a major hit.

It is a surprise to many how much free disk space is needed.  Your operating system has thousands of files that it uses.  You are probably unaware of most of these.  They consist of scratch files, temporary system files, and various other support files.  When the disk space is low on the system partition much time can be wasted jumping all over the disk to write out the segments of these files.  When these files need to read back this wasted effort must be repeated again.

Depending on the size of your system partition, if the free space drops below say ten percent, performance can start to suffer exponentially.  Since many newer computers come with with 500MB+ disk drives committed to the system partition (your C:\ drive), the percentage isn’t as good of a gauge.  However, if you have one of these large disks, and your free space drops below a couple of gigabytes, performance suffers nevertheless.

Cleaning up your drive, and freeing up disk space can be a tricky task.  Removing the wrong files can result in partial uninstallations  or loss of data you have added in prior sessions.  You really need someone who knows what is safe to be removed.  For example obsolete system files and scratch files that are no longer needed.  You  need to know where to find these often hidden files.  CCS has the experience and skills to help you with the cleanup.  Contact CCS Support for technical support.

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