CP 7.5.17 – New Inventory Features.

CP 7.5.17 – New Inventory Features.

The following new features have been added the the Inventory related area:

  • Expanded vendor item cost break support  – In CounterPoint V7.5.16 the ability to define up to four quantity/cost  break levels for each vendor item was introduced.  This feature allowed you to use different per-unit cost values when purchasing specific quantities of each vendor item.

In this version, vendor cost breaks have been fully integrated into other areas of the software. For example, when you create a new item on the fly by copying an existing item, any vendor cost breaks that were defined for the original item are copied to the new vendor item record.

Now when using a tool such as Data Interchange/ Inventory Import, you can create cost breaks in the resulting vendor item records by specifying the fields in your import file that contain the quantity breaks and corresponding cost values for each item.

When you change a vendor’s Currency, the cost breaks for each associated vendor item are converted to the new currency automatically. The Vendor Item List report now includes the cost breaks for each vendor item on the report. 

  • User-defined price names – In this version, you can assign a user-defined name to each standard price level you are using.   This feature allows you to replace the standard field name (i.e., Price-1, Price-2, and so forth) for each price level with a meaningful designation, such as RETAIL or WSL, which will appear on screen and on all reports in place of the standard name.

  • Filtering Ecommerce items on the Stock status report – You can now choose to include only items that are designated as Ecommerce  items on the Stock Status report. This feature allows you to easily review items that are available in your CPOnline store  and to identify which of those items are out of stock.



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