Electrify Marketing/Boost Sales with Your POS Software

The customer list stored in your POS System is the most powerful marketing tool that you can use to bolster sales, according to Jeff Haefner of Point of Sale Software Buyers Guide.  Yet this is the most often overlooked tool!

Did you know that if you send a well-crafted sales letter or promotion using a "cold list" (businesses who don’t know much about your company, product, or service), the response will be approximately 1 to 3 percent?  Using the same letter, and sending it to past customers will give you a return rate as high as 25 percent!  That’s because customers prefer to buy from someone they trust and who has treated them fairly in the past.

Personalizing the letter is another technique for dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the mailing.  Using the customer’s name implies that you know them and are sincere about wanting to help them with their needs.

Typing names individually would take an enormous amount of time, but a good software system allows you to merge fields into your email messages, promotions and sales letters.  First name, last name, email address, product purchased, and date of purchase can all be incorporated in creating a mailing that will convince customers that you know them!

CounterPoint has the capability of helping you store and retrieve the information you need to electrify your marketing and boost your sales.  For more information, call us at 425-672-4806 or email us

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