New Shopping Features for CPOnline

Some of the new shopping features for CPOnline…

  • Order Scripts – You can now enter your own Order Scripts to easily incorporate Yahoo Search Marketing and Google scripts, BizRate order surveys, or any other 3rd-party JavaScript that you want to run when an order is placed. Scripts can include dynamic information such as order number, order total, discount code, affiliate code, etc.

  • Order Confirmation Email Enhancements – Previous versions of CPOnline always included order notes and  payment information in shopper confirmation emails. You can now select whether or not to include this information in shopper confirmation emails.

  • Improved Foreign Currency Support – If your store uses a currency other than US dollars, you can now select  your specific currency in order to change your currency formatting throughout your CPOnline store and Store Management areas.

  • Featured Item Layout in the Shopping Cart – You can now select an item layout just for featured items on the Cart page,  and use new options for tiled layouts to optimize the display.

  • Tell-A-Friend Email Address Enhancement – You can now select whether emails generated by your store’s Tell-A-Friend feature use the shopper’s email or the merchant’s email as the "From" email address. If you choose to use a  merchant email address, you can enter the specific email address to use for all emails. This is a great marketing tool!

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Sales department if you would like more information about setting-up a CPOnline site.


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