CounterPoint 7.5.17 – New Credit Card Features

CounterPoint 7.5.17 – New Credit Card Features

The following new Credit Card related features have been added to CounterPoint version 7.5.17:

  • Credit card error logging – You can now configure CounterPoint to record each error that occurs during credit  card transactions – including the date and time of the transaction, the ticket number, register, amount, and error message. This feature allows you to easily review and track credit card errors, which assists in troubleshooting.

  • Support for partial authorizations and reversals – To better support prepaid credit and debit cards, CounterPoint can now obtain an authorization for an amount that is less than the amount due for a ticket or order via CPGateway  or CPDialup up to the balance of what is actually on the card.

For example, if the Total for a ticket is $50.00 and the customer presents a prepaid credit card with a balance of $35.00,  CounterPoint will obtain an authorization for $35.00, and then prompt the user to tender an additional payment for the  remaining amount due.

In addition, CounterPoint now also supports full reversals of credit card authorizations, allowing authorized credit  and debit card payments to be deleted from a ticket or order before the document is complete.

NOTE: This feature will actually be released in an upcoming V7.5.17 Service Pack.

  • Using card identification services without address verification – Previously, you could not use card verification services  (i.e., CVV2/CVC2/CID) if you were not also using address verification (i.e., AVS/AAV). This requirement meant that  you had to verify a customer’s address in order to verify the security digits on the back of the customer’s credit card. In this version, you can enable card verification services on the Draft capture screen without first enabling address verification,  allowing you to verify each credit card’s security digits without requesting the customer’s address.

  • Requiring ZIP Code only for address verification – Previously, if you enabled address verification services (i.e., AVS/AAV),  you were required to supply a street address and ZIP Code to authorize each manually-entered credit card transaction.  In this version, you can configure CounterPoint to require only a ZIP Code for address verification purposes.

  • Support for VeriFone MX 800 payment terminals – This version of CounterPoint supports the VeriFone MX800 series of  payment terminals for credit and debit card processing in Ticket Entry and Touchscreen Ticket Entry.

If you would like more information about these features and how they can impact you, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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