CP 7.5.17 – Multi-Site – Credit Card Changes.

CP 7.5.17 – Multi-Site – Credit Card Changes.

Starting with the release of CP 7.5.17, there will be changes to the way that CounterPoint transmits Credit Card data.  These changes are being made in order for CounterPoint to comply with new PCI DSS certification requirements.

Multi-Site transmission files will no longer automatically include credit card numbers. By default, encrypted credit card information will be available in ticket history only on the Satellite at which each ticket originated.

If your Satellites communicate with the Hub via VPN connections, you can still transmit encrypted credit card numbers and remain PCI DSS compliant by enabling a specific set-up option.

NOTE: Enabling the transmission of encrypted credit card numbers over anon-secure connection violates PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Please contact the CCS Support Department for more detailed information on this topic and making the specific changes as part of your update process.

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