Get Onboard With The #1 Best Seller

If you’re not offering your customers gift cards, you’re missing out on the #1 most purchased holiday gift. Post Holiday reviews show that – for the last five years – gift cards have been the #1 best seller for merchants.

CounterPoint makes gift card processing simple. CCS can point you to a reliable supplier.

If you’re a mega-chain, you have no problem ordering large quantities of cards. The problem has been for merchants who want to order smaller card runs but still want the customized look and quality that Nordstrom or Macy’s cards have. We now have a supplier who will do 50, 100 or 200 card runs. Of course they’ll do more if you want more.

With gift cards, you don’t have your inventory dollars tied up. Your only cost is the price of the cards.

Call CCS or email us for details so you don’t miss out this season. 

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