Troubleshooting information

When calling in for support, you need to gather as much information as possible.  Almost every application, when reporting an error, will give and error number, or error code.  Note this down.  This error code, and the specific function that you were trying to run, is the minimum information that should be provided.

In general, the more information that you provide, the greater the likelihood that your issue will be resolved quickly.  This information includes the specific steps that produced the error, the item number, or customer number, or other specific record that you were adding or modifying, etc.  Again, the more specific the better.

Many times, a call will come in, and the only information that is given is that "I was in (some application) and got kicked out".  In this scenario, time must be taken to get enough information to even begin to diagnose the problem.  You can never have too much detail on when a problem occurs. Many times that problem occurs only under a specific set of circumstances.

Often a problem occurs only when a particular record (item, customer, etc.) is involved.  It can also be that it only occurs if a specific order of events is followed.  For example, it may occurs only when you are in ticket entry, and select item A, sell one unit, and then select item B, and do an item zoom.  In this case, a great deal of time can be wasted if this information is not provided.

There are times that problems occur randomly, or apparently randomly, in that no specific order of events seems to be required.  It usually means that it is not easily reproduced, and that it will not be easily solved.  Every effort will be made to resolve it, but the harder it is to reproduce, the harder it is to isolate the problem.

To make your support interface with CCS as productive as possible we suggest implementing a simple data capture form for error reporting, and educating your employees on its use.  This should include everyone at the checkouts and the back-office.  We can help you design the form to make sure it is complete and easy to use.  Ideally the form would be online so it can be emailed to us when needed.

Let us know if we can help.

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