More Ways to Keep Your POS System Healthy

In an earlier blog, I discussed the importance of backing up your data properly to keep it safe.  Once this is done, old data from your retail software should be purged on a regular basis to recover disk space and improve the performance of your software.

Some retailers think that built-in utilities, regularly run on the POS System, are all that’s needed.  These, however, are usually designed primarily to repair your data after it has become corrupt or to accommodate software updates.

According to Retail, old history, customers, open items in receivables, items, reports, and commissions due, are some of the things that should be purged to keep your software healthy and running smoothly.

It’s always wise to consult CCS before purging files to avoid costly errors.  We’re here to help.  Our phone number is 425-672-4806.  You can also email us.

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