Has This Happened to You?

We have all seen them while browsing the Internet.  Those pesky pop-ups that claim that you PC is infected and actually shows you a scan of your PC with a number of infections.

Well as it is said, you cant believe everything you see/hear/read on the Internet. These pop-ups are actually a virus/malware themselves, and sometimes even clicking the "No, do not install", "Cancel" or even just trying to close the window will get you the infection you were trying to avoid.

In order to be sure you do not accidentally "Click to install", there are a couple of ways to close this window without getting infected.

One way is to use the "Alt + F4" buttons to close the window, this key combination will close any window that is open and is considered the focused window.

The other way is to simply not click anything and do a restart on your PC.  This is probably the safest way to make sure you do not accidentally install any malicious software on your PC by unintentionally.

If you do think you are infected, please read my blog post about what to do in case you get infected with a virus or malware . Otherwise if you know you are infected it is best to shutdown your PC and unplug it from the network.  Some viruses/malware are network aware and can infect other PC’s without anyone knowing) and have it check out and repaired.

If you have any questions about or need your PC repaired, contact the CCS Retail Systems Support department at email or call us at 800-672-4806

-Bryan alt

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