Benefits of employee cross-training

Some of the benefits of employee cross-training are:

  • When it gets busy in specific areas of your business, other staff members can assist in that area until they are no longer needed.  This allows you to continue to service your customers, with minimal disruption, or inconvenience.
  • If one employee has critical information that others don’t, this may effect the ability of other staff to do their work.  This could end up causing issues with staff being able to assist customers on a timely basis.
  • If an employee goes on vacation, there will be others available to fill that persons shoes without your having to hire temporary workers.  The use of temporary workers can be a mixed blessing, as having the extra bodies is good, however, they may require special training and/or close supervision that would require pulling other staff off other critical projects.
  • If an employee is injured or sick, there will be others available to fill that persons shoes.  You may have seen recent news programs related to the HN1 Swine Flu.  Most of the medical experts are now warning employers to prepared for large numbers of employees being out sick this Flu season, or with many being absent because they need to tend to family members that are ill.
  • Sometimes the cost of hiring temporary workers can be greater than what it would have cost to have cross-trained the majority of your other staff.  Training can be repeated as needed over time. These employees are more valuable to the business
  • Cross-training staff are usually more efficient at all of the tasks that they perform.  Since they are more adapted varied jobs, it’s easier for them to transition as needed.
  • Cross-trained employees are generally happier, feel needed and challenged, and subsequently have less sick days than those who have routine fixed job assignments.

    If you would like to obtain more information on available training or if you would like to discuss setting-up custom classes for your business, please call or email  the CCS Support Department.

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