About Labels

Labels are needed for a wide variety of uses in Point of Sale Businesses.  Item labels, bar-code labels, customer labels, shipping labels, inventory labels, file folder labels, and even membership ID labels for customers or employees, are a few that come to mind.

A flexible, trouble-free approach to label printing should be a part of the daily operations of your organization, made possible by the right Point of Sale Software System.  Does your POS System provide this function for your business?

With CounterPoint SQL Enterprise Software, you can do the following:

  1. Print item labels (barcode labels included) directly from CP.
  2. Print labels immediately after posting a purchase request, receiving, or transfer.
  3. Create and print a variety of labels.
  4. Print item and customer notes on labels, like a plant’s care instructions or a customer’s birthday.
  5. Modify the predefined label formats or create your own unique formats, using NiceLabel Pro label design software (purchased separately).

CounterPoint SQL Enterprise can simplify and enhance your label-printing needs.  A phone call to CCS at 425-672-4806 or an email will provide you with answers to any further questions you may have.  Call now!

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