Shipping Interfaces for CounterPoint and Passport.

Shipping Interfaces for CounterPoint and Passport.

As technology improves over time, it can also get more complicated and confusing.  In today’s fast paced world, everyone either wants it tomorrow, or wants to know where it is right now.  It used to be that all shipping service software was completely proprietary.  There were little or no  way to integrate these applications into your existing POS or Order Entry software applications, or to provide your customers with timely status updates.

Over the last several years, there have been numerous third party software vendors who have written applications that provide simple, easy to use interfaces that tie your  shipping service software into your POS or Order Entry modules   Some of these applications are currently designed for use with CounterPoint Version 7.5.X, CPSQL 8.3.X, and Passport 11.7.9.

Some of the great features of these interface applications are:

  • Scheduled or on demand updates to the latest shipping rates.

  • A "shop" for the best shipping rate feature that allows you to compare rates to a shipping location via multiple carriers, all on one screen.

  • Passing the shipping rate and method back to your POS or Order Entry orders.

  • Importing shipping tracking numbers.

  • Email of shipping and package status information to customers

Please contact the CCS Sales Department if you would like more information about these interfaces.

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