Unix/Linux and HP Printers/Scanners/Fax

Do you have a HP Printer and having a hard time getting it to print, scan, or copy on your Unix/Linux system?

If you are unaware, HP makes specially designed software for your Unix/Linux system that may help. HPLIP or HP Linux Imaging and Printing software installs and configures your system to use most of the functions your printer is capable of in Windows.

Depending of your "flavor" or Unix/Linux, installing the software can vary.  If your distribution has a package manager, you could use that to install the software.  Failing that, you can manually configure and compile the software from source code.  If building from source code, there may be some extra steps involved.  For example, making sure all prerequisite libraries and software are installed. I would recommend getting help setting this set up.  Building the package from source code involves many options and can involve caveats.

Once HPLIP is installed and configured, the HP Device Manager should be used to complete your Printing, Scanning, and Faxing tasks.  There are command line options you could use,  but it is much easier to "point and click" then to type a long command line.

You will need some type of graphical X Windows System (KDE or Gnome Desktops) to run the HP Device Manager. The device manager will allow you to scan using the Xsane Software and Fax if your printer is capable.  HPLIP installs drivers for most of the printers it supports.  These are called ppd files.  HPLIP also includes an HP back-end for the CUPS printing system.

CCS Retail Systems has many years of aggregate experience configuring and integrating Unix/Linux systems into your current environment.  If you have any questions about Unix/Linux, Windows, or printing from any of these operating systems, email_me or call the CCS Support Department at 800-672-4806, we are always glad to help.


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