CP 7.5 – What is a “Publisher cannot be verified” error?

CP 7.5 – What is a "Publisher cannot be verified" error?

Issue:  I’ve been using CounterPoint Version 7.5 for a number of years.  Recently, and I just started receiving the message "Publisher Cannot Be Verified" and/or "File does not have a Valid Signature" error on the files "MFENVG.EXE" or "SYNRUNW.EXE" when trying to start CounterPoint.  What’s causing this error?

These error messages are Windows security warnings that may appear on workstations running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 (or later) that have had recent windows security service packs installed.

New operating system software changes may require re-configuring the Windows Group Policy settings, and/or the server that you are attaching may need to be designated as a trusted site.

Please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department for assistance with resolving this issue.

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