Data conversion

Many companies feel that they are stuck with old, outdated software. The software that they have is no longer being updated. They are not happy with the feature-set.  In additions they feel that the task of migrating their data is too much.  This is not the case, because data can be migrated to a new software package by CCS Retail.

We have many tools at our disposal.  CCS can extract your existing data from just about any application.  This data can then be brought into your new software.

Data migration paves the way for learning the new software, instead of entering your old data. Your existing key customers, vendors, items, history, and other key files, will still be available to you.

Call, or Email Us, if you want to discuss how we can migrate your existing data to the latest CounterPoint versions.  We are experienced with Linux, UNIX, and Windows environments.

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