What is the best platform?

Windows, Windows server, UNIX/Linux, which platform is best for your company?  There is not a simple answer to that.  Many times, the best answer is a combination of platforms.

Each platform has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  Sometimes the decision is made by the software that you are using, as it may only be available for a single platform.  Even this does not usually fully answer the question, however, as using more than one application is the norm.  You have your business application(s) for buying, selling, etc.  Then, you have email, maybe a web server, and the list goes on.

This is where you need an experienced system design and integration company.  Someone who can help you evaluate your needs, and select the system that best serves those needs.  If the best system for you involves multiple platforms, such as a Windows server for your business application, and a UNIX/Linux server for your web server and email, then you need someone with the knowledge of how to make all the pieces work together flawlessly.

A well designed, and well implemented, system will be transparent to the users.  They do not have to do anything special to go to a UNIX/Linux server for their email, and a Windows server for the business application.  Instead, all of the pieces should work together, so that you can focus on productivity.

Contact us to make sure you get the right complete solution for your company.  Don’t waste time and money experimenting, if you do not have the technical background to accomplish this on your own.

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