CP SQL – Dashboard – Questions and Answers

CPSQL Dashboard Questions and Answers.

What is Dashboard and why don’t I have it on my menu?
Starting with CPSQL 8.3.6, Radiant added a new graphic display utility option to CPSQL default "Sales History"  menu called "Dashboard". 

Some reasons why this option might not appear on your menu are:

  • The Dashboard utility is not automatically installed.  One must specifically indicate that this is to be done during the installation of a new CPSQL version, or during an installation of a CPSQL Client Workstation.

  • When installed, the Dashboard and Dashboard Demo are installed as options ONLY on the system default menu under the "Sales History" option.  This means that if a user has a custom menu associated with their assigned Security Group, it would need to be manually added to the menu manually.

Dashboard was just recently installed, but the data doesn’t change, or it takes several days for the data to start showing-up.  What is going on here?

  • When this function is installed for the first time there are a couple of SQL scripts that are required to be run against the database in order for the "Data Mart Update" task to be able to update the"Data Mart" (DM) database tables.  If this isn’t done, the table updates may not work.

  • By default, the "Data Mart"(DM*) database tables that Dashboard pulls data from are empty.  In order for data updates to these table to occur, the "Data Mart Update" task must be scheduled in the CPSQL CounterPoint Configuration Utility.

  • Frequency of the table update.  – When this utility is run, it only pulls the data from the next 100 CPSQL posting events.  If you have more that 100 total posting events per day, this will need to to be run multiple times per day in order update everything posted within the last day.

  • If you have a couple of years worth of history on file and you are just now implementing the Dashboard utility, you will need to schedule this to run every 15 minutes. or every hour, for many days (or perhaps weeks) before the data in the table catches up to the current posted dates.

If you have further questions about configuration, usage, or need assistance with setting this up, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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