SQL: Add Custom Report Folders to Your Users’ Menus

Adding CPSQL Report Folders.

Did you know that with CounterPoint SQL?  You can add individual report folders to your users’ menus  straight out of the box! No customization is necessary!

There are many reports that are run on a daily or monthly basis for which you select specific parameters. Instead of selecting the same parameters every day or month for the same report, save them – then add that report to your CounterPoint menu. From then on, it’s only a couple of clicks away.

The basic steps are:
1. Select the report
2. Specify the parameters – click options – save parameters and name the custom report.
3. Edit the user’s menu code to add a daily and/or monthly folder and add your custom report.

CAVEAT: Don’t practice in your live company. This information, used incorrectly, can compromise your system. It is better to talk to a support technician before trying this and have him make the menu changes for you.  Contact us for the details.

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