Required G/L Accounts in CP SQL

Required G/L Accounts in CP SQL

The following is a list of all of the minimally required General Ledger account numbers that are required to set-up CP SQL. 

In all set-up areas where you are prompted for, a G/L account number, it must be input into that field, even if you do not currently use, or intend to use that particular feature.

Petty cash                     
Cash in bank                   
Credit card deposits           
Accounts Receivable            
Inventory – merchandise        
Inventory transfers            
Accounts Payable               
Uninvoiced receivings          
Accrued RTVs                   
Customer deposit liabilities   
Gift certificate liabilities   
Sales tax payable              
Sales – merchandise            
Sales – discounts              
Sales – allowances             
Sales – returns                
Finance charges                
Freight charges                
Cost of goods sold/returned    
Purchase discounts             
Inventory adjustments          
Inventory transfer variance    
RTV adjustments                
Tender over or short           
Bank charges and fees          
Bad debt expense               
Miscellaneous income           
Forfeited deposits, GC’s, SC’s 
Gain/Loss currency exchange    
Unclassified expense

If additional locations and profit centers are to be used, then there would be additional set-up/configuration requirements involved.

You would need to make sure that these accounts are also set-up in your accounting packages General Ledger module.

There are examples of numbering structures for Chart of Accounts in the CPSQL demo companies, and the "STARTER" database.  You can use tools from within CounterPoint to extract this G/L data and use it to create new Chart of Accounts for importing into your existing or new CP SQL companies.

For more assistance with this issue, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department

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