What is the new CP SQL Set-up Wizard?

What is the new CP SQL Set-up Wizard?

New to CP SQL version 8.3.8, Radiant has created a new beta set-up wizard utility for use in creating a new company database.

Note: This utility is not intended to be used on an existing live CounterPoint installation.

This utility allows you to create a new company from a backup of a default Starter Company Database.  There are (7) seven primary areas to the wizard:

  • Company Info

  • Features

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Tax Authorities

  • Workgroups

  • Users

  • Cleanup


The starter company has a default G/L Chart of Accounts, and pre-configured templates for Workgroups, Stores, Stations, Drawers, Security Groups, POS Security Groups, Menus, Users, and Tax Codes.

You can download the Set-up Wizard file "WizardDownload.zip" from Radiant’s Website. If you don’t have access to this download,  please contact the CCS Retail Support Department for assistance.

This tool would be particularly useful in quickly pre-configuring a new database company for a smaller company that didn’t already have defined G/L Chart of Accounts, or for a large chain store were there is a desire to pre-setup many stores in advance.

Starting with CP SQL 8.3.9, an updated version of this utility will be included on the installation DVD.  For more information or help in using the Wizard Contact us.

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