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In an earlier blog, I wrote about ways to attract new customers and to increase their loyalty to your business.  This week, I became one of those new customers, and I would like to share with you how this happened.

I had been searching for a new dentist for about six months. I first consulted the yellow pages of the telephone book, but found that to be a little daunting–too many choices, and too little information.  Calling the ADA for a recommendation was another option, but the recommendation was for an "available" dentist.  That didn’t satisfy my need to find a dentist who was appropriate for me

I began asking friends and acquaintances for leads.  Eventually, I was referred to a dentist in my neighborhood who is very competent, personable, and seems to really value his customers.  How do I know this?

  • On the first visit, I was asked to complete a form which requested (among other things) my email address and the name of the person who referred me.  When I returned home that same day, I found an email on my computer that was a questionnaire asking how I was treated on my visit.  It gave information on how to access the dentist’s website to book appointments on-line or to ask questions.
  • The next day, I received a telephone call from the dentist’s receptionist, who asked me if I would prefer a Target, Safeway, or Starbuck’s Gift Card for $25 in appreciation for choosing this dentist.

  • The person who referred me, an existing customer, also received a gift card for the referral.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with my new dentist and the way that he conducts his business.  His techniques are made possible by use of a software system that collects and stores data to generate new business.  It provides rewards for loyalty and leads to new customer satisfaction.

Does your Point of Sale Software help you to gain new customers and retain loyalty from existing customers? 

Call us or email us for further information on how our CounterPoint Retail Software can help you use the same techniques as the dentists does to create loyal, satisfied customers..

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