Accentuate the Positive

It’s tough to keep everyone on your team positive, proactive, and pumped up when the news about the economy just seems to get worse. But no matter what’s happening to you in the economy of your country, city, state, or industry, you can not and must not let it affect your customers’ experience in your store.

One way to ensure a fun, friendly experience is to keep your employees feeling great. They will naturally pass those "good vibrations" on to your customers.

Here is one idea I’ve heard about. Start each day with 10 pennies in your right pocket. Then look for staff members doing something right. And tell them about it! You can enforce positive behavior in one simple sentence such as:

   • "Jeff, you really went the extra mile to help that customer."
   • "Jane, thanks for coming in on such short notice to help out with our Customer Open House.

Every time you can give that pat on the back, transfer one penny from your right pocket to your left. Make a point of moving all the pennies every day and you’ll move several thousand pennies through the course of a year – and will have had several thousand opportunities to keep your people positive, pumped, and excited about helping your customers.

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