Underutilized Features of Point of Sale Systems – Part 3

Cashier Training is the third of the underutilized features of Point of Sale Systems, according to James Bickers, editor for Retail Customer Experience.com.  There are times in even the busiest of stores when some terminals are not in use.  Employee training can be carried out at an idle machine set up with a training company.

Training can be something that is designed especially for the terminal.  Existing information from the company’s website can also be incorporated, with user permission levels set to insure that employees are not using training time to surf the Internet.

With utilization of Cashier Training on idle terminals, "down" time can be turned into training time.  This will ultimately save time and money for the company by creating a more highly-skilled work force.

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Watch for my next blog on Underutilized Features of Point of Sale Systems – Part 4.

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