What is PBS EZ Convert?

What is PBS EZ Convert?

Starting with version, Passport Data Conversion can no longer be done "in place", meaning that the new software must be installed in a clean (new) directory.

To help accommodate all of the various versions and flavors of software that one might be updating or converting from, Passport has created a new data conversion program for Passport called EZ Convert.  Some advantages of this new utility are:

  • It allows for easier and more seamless upgrades to be done from specific previous versions of Passport, RW32, and RealWorld.  – This means a faster turn-around time on upgrades, and updates.

  • Eliminates the need to do multi-stage upgrades, allowing you to straight from a specific version to the current version.   – This means less headaches, skipped steps, and lower overall support costs.

If any of the above issues have been preventing you from converting from Passport, or if you are behind on your updates,  this is a good tool to have in your software arsenal when considering an update or conversion project.

This utility is available in both Windows and Unix versions.

Since this utility was not available at the time that the Passport 11.7.9 CD image was mastered,  it is not included on the CD and must be either downloaded directly from PBS, or obtained from CCS Retail Systems Support Department directly.

Please contact CCS if you need assistance with downloading or obtaining a copy.

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