Focus Newsletter 04-09

RTM e-Newsletter, April 2009

Tip of the month – Pictures and graphic images can be used to document many aspects of a service job.  Progress can be documented and saved with work orders for later review.  Existing damages can be noted and preserved for use in warranty claims, etc.  Pictures of a job well done can be used to promote a business in print media and in online networking, or a customer’s site can be fully documented for future reference.  A real time saver, pictures really can be worth a thousand words.

ServicePoint Upgrade Discounts – We are still offering discounts on upgrades from Focus to ServicePoint.  Upgrade now and receive a credit for the value of your current Focus system.

Online Demonstrations – If you have a sales prospect, questions about our software, or just want a better idea of how our products work, give us a call to schedule a session.  We use Citrix Online for fast, secure, and easy access.  Contact if you would like to be included.

Product News

ServicePoint – Our SQL based service management application, ServicePoint, is designed for complete integration with CounterPoint SQL from Radiant Systems or Great Plains Dynamics from Microsoft Business Solutions.

The latest fully functional ServicePoint demos are available for download on our web site at’ve added some exciting new features.

  • Multi-Industry demo data –  We have developed an updated demonstration data install routine for ServicePoint.  This utility allows the selection of customized data for a specific industry to be chosen.  Download the new data install utility from our web site – there’s a link on our home page in the "What’s New" section.  Currently available business types are:
    • Bicycle shop
    • Lawn and Garden center
    • Heating and Air
    • Pool & Spa
    • Computer and POS equipment
    • Vehicle maintenance

Additional companies will be added soon.  Please contact us if you have a specific need.

  • CounterPoint ticket scheduling – A new option has been added to our calendar functions to allow scheduling of CounterPoint tickets.  When enabled, a ticket or order entered into CP Point of Sale can be easily added to a delivery or installation schedule.  Schedules can be printed for use as loading and routing sheets for delivery drivers.  Great for businesses that deliver what they sell.
  • SOP or Invoices? – Users now have control over where ServicePoint transactions are posted when interfaced to Great Plains.  Posting of invoices can now create batches in either SOP sales, or into Sales invoices.

Focus – Focus is the leading service management software for use with Passport and CounterPoint V7.  We are looking forward to working on a full Windows GUI front-end for Focus, to match the upcoming feature release for Passport’s PBS software.

  • 8.6 Preview – We’ve added attachment of pictures to Focus service calls.  The 8.6 release of Focus will support multiple pictures, able to be viewed and printed, for service calls, customer equipment, and service addresses.
  • CPScheduler – Focus users on a CP Windows platform can take advantage of our graphic scheduling program.  A calendar is used to allocate time for service items, and/or for CP orders to be delivered or installed.  Any updates made through the graphical scheduler are made directly to the Focus files, and appear in the Focus service database.
  • Special note for CounterPoint users – Focus 8.5 requires the installation of a patch to run with CP version 7.5.16.  Contact us if you will be running CP version 7.5.16 with Focus.
  • Focus version 8.5 – Focus 8.5 has shipped to users on our update service.  Be sure to download and install the latest service pack for 8.5 from our website.  The service packs can be found at

PartSmart – Our PartSmart interface application creates a seamless interface from this popular electronic parts catalog and lookup program to CP SQL and ServicePoint.  PartSmart allows a user to call up diagrams and parts lists for equipment models.  Inventory levels can be checked for selected components, and parts pick lists can easily be created simply by dragging and dropping from the illustrated diagram.  Our interface program lets PartSmart retrieve inventory information from CounterPoint SQL, including item status information, quantities on hand, bin location, pricing, and more.  With the push of a button, a parts list created in PartSmart can be easily transferred to a CounterPoint order, or to a ServicePoint work order task.

Accounting Platform Compatibility – Want to know what versions of our Software are compatible with various versions of accounting?  Take a look at the chart below.  Effective as of 04/01/08.  The latest compatibility information is always on our web site at


CounterPoint SQL 8.2.8 & .9, and 8.3.2 through 8.3.8

Great Plains Dynamics 7.5 through 10.0


CounterPoint v7.5, up through 7.5.16

Passport Business Solutions, through version 11.7

Great Plains Classic, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0. and 9.1

PartsSmart Interface

For use with CP SQL up through 8.3.8, and PartSmart v6


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