Why Lease a Point of Sale System?

Radiant Credit Services offers financing of your new Point of Sale System from CCS. This enables you to start benefiting from the cost-cutting and sales-boosting features of CounterPoint SQL without expending capital up front. Below are the reasons for taking advantage of such a program.

Conserving Capital
Equipment can be acquired without depleting capital that could be used for other business purposes. Also, productive assets can be obtained for the purpose of earning profits for your business when internal capital for purchasing equipment is not available.

New Line-Of-Credit
A lease-line can be viewed as another line-of-credit, which does not impact a company’s existing credit arrangement.

Fixed Rate Financing
Lease payments are fixed at the beginning of the lease for the entire term. Fluctuations in market rates have no impact. Therefore, budget and cash flow planning are made easier.

Full 100% Financing
No down payment is required on a lease. A small advance rental is generally sufficient. Radiant Credit Services is not limited to the financing of "equipment only". They can finance all of the services provided by your equipment vendor including:
+ Hardware                                 + Delivery
+Software                                   + Installation & Programming
+ Training                                    + Service & Support
+Networking                               + Many other needed components!

Use vs. Ownership
In many cases, it is the use of the equipment, not its ownership, which is the important element in its value to a business. The risk of technical obsolescence may make the additional costs of ownership unjustified, and the flexibility that leasing provides may be lost without benefit.

Tax & Accounting Considerations
Lease payments are usually fully deductible expenses over the term of the lease, and many times provide a quicker cost recovery than is possible with the depreciation of a purchase asset. Depreciation expense for purchased equipment enters into the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) calculation, and leasing equipment instead of owning it may help your company avoid a tax liability resulting from the AMT. Leasing can allow you to take advantage of off-balance sheet accounting, which can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Payments Tailored to Your Needs
In most cases Radiant Credit Services is able to offer the following:
+ Even Payment Plan – A set monthly payment for the lease term that you choose
+ Quarterly Payment Plan – Lease payments are made every 90 days.
+ Deferred Payment Plan – Equipment can be installed with no payment due for 30-90 days.
+ Seasonal Payments – For three months of the year, there are no lease payments followed by a fixed payment for the remaining nine months.

And perhaps the Most Important reason leasing allows you to pay for the cost of the equipment with the proceeds of your enhanced operations and improved cash flow.  When viewed this way the CounterPoint Investment can be viewed as a very low cost with a high pay back.


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